Danger Angel

Danger Angel are a relatively new hard rock band from Greece, that had already some adventures,
were formed in 2006 from three friends. The band was originally named BlackOut but the name was soon changed to Danger Angel because of another band with the same nameThere were influences from heavy metal, epic, and AOR. All those had to mix together and become something solid.

If melodic rock is your thing then this 13-track album will not disappoint.
If you were a hair metal fan back in the day you will certainly enjoy this album.

Danger Angel 2010

01 – Com’ On Rock Me
02 – Runaway Angel
03 – Poison Dreams
04 – I’ll Be There For You
05 – Rebel Son
06 – Never Let You Go (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
07 – Hangover
08 – Together Forever
09 – The Rain
10 – Till The End Of Time (duet with Peggy Zarou)
11 – Until The Morning Light
12 – 9202
13 – Burning Hearts

Jimmy 'M.T.' Cage: vocals
Ethan Chionos: Guitars
Spiros Foussekis: Guitars
Antonis Venieris: Drums
Rudy Rallis: Bass
George 'AHAS' Lignos: Keys


Danger Angel - Rebel Son

Postat av: Nova

Intressant blogg du har! Jag har kollat igenom några av dina andra blogginlägg och jag diggar vad jag ser :).

2011-05-11 @ 00:07:05
URL: http://harmankardonreceiver.org

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